Menü Kapat

The best imaging and treatment methods for prostate cancer are now provided with fusion systems. In MR fusion prostate biopsies, the prostate structure of the patient is revealed by detailed MR. Suspicious areas in the prostate can be seen clearly. Then, these images are transferred to the 3D (3D) Ultrasonography device with a special software. Following the marking of suspicious areas, targeted biopsies are taken with specially designed biopsy apparatus. One of the most important advantages of the fusion biopsy system is that the breech canal is not used. Biopsies are taken by imaging the prostate directly over the skin. Therefore, infection, pain and bleeding seen in standard biopsies are not observed. By means of biopsies to be taken from the targeted areas, the definitive diagnosis of the tumor is made. The procedure is performed as an outpatient and under anesthesia.

There are many treatment options available today for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now, instead of choosing the patient according to the treatment method, the appropriate treatment method is selected according to the patient. There are many treatment and follow-up options for prostate cancer that has not spread beyond the prostate, which we call localized. When choosing the treatment method, the characteristics of the patient, the degree of the disease and the applicability of the treatment method are important.

Major surgeries such as robotic surgery, especially in prostate cancer, can cause very tiring and permanent side effects for the patient. Among the permanent side effects, we encounter conditions that impair the quality of life such as erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

Now, in the new fusion biopsy method that we still use in our hospital, besides the diagnosis process, treatment procedures such as destroying the tumor are also performed. The nonthermal (without heating) IRE method called nanoknife is one of the newest cancer treatments used for this purpose. With this new treatment method applied through the skin with the help of special apparatus, there is no longer any need for surgery in prostate cancer. Thanks to the special software we use in fusion systems, the area where the tumor is located is clearly marked. Then, with the help of special therapeutic needles that are placed through the skin, prostate cancer is destroyed in approximately one hour. During and after this procedure, none of the side effects such as urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction are observed. The treatment is carried out with a completely closed method without opening any incisions. The NanoknifeIRE process is integrated into the fusion biopsy system in our hospital.


  • Offering a non-surgical solution,
  • Being able to cure cancer without causing organ loss,
  • The process is easy to apply,
  • No side effects such as erectile dysfunction,
  • The repeatability of the process.